~dulcinea~ (circoea) wrote,

Hellooooo!!! (Do I hear an echo?)

My layout is stuck in the dark ages, and I was surprised I could still log in! Has it been two years since I last posted? Ack! I've turned 30 since my last post, and I still have a picture of animal crackers on my profile. Somehow, that just seems wrong. 

Liss, don't feel bad about your 10 year reunion- I got invited to mine 2 years ago. I did not go...too depressing, and really no one I cared to see again.

So, I am currently unemployed and realize that having too much free time is NOT a good thing. I remember when I could be lazy for days and love it- now I'm stir crazy if I'm idle for more than a few hours. Is this a result of growing older- forgetting how to relax, smell the roses, etc.? Or am I just a neurotic, high-strung freak? (Lissa, don't answer that.)


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